A Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

Oh Love, the subject of coveted desire, songs and books, romantic architecture and countless amounts of marketing gimmicks. We really cannot get enough of this thing we call love. But exactly what is love and is it over rated?  Have we overstepped it with love  and are our expectations over the top? And can we control its effect on us when needed? Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this “Crazy little thing called Love”.


Love has no confirmed definition.

Yes its true, although the dictionary attempts to define  love, no one truly has been able to define what love really is. Some claim it is a thought, other’s an uncontrollable emotion, some claim its just a sexual fixation and a temporary high, others tend to believe you know love when you feel content and comfortable with the other. What is certain is that love tends to feel good when you feel it. It seems overwhelming and the lack of it seems to bring a lot of pain. The great thing about this is that  this means you have a choice.


Love seems to be an ideal we are supposed to find

The over romanticization of love has made it some what of a commodity something to attain from the outside rather than find within oneself. The greatest love of all is the love within yourself. This already exists within every one. Sometimes we forget this capacity for love as we get distracted.


Love is impermanent  like everything else…

Although we are made to believe that love conquers all, it safes to say that it can’t pay the bills and it is unable to guarantee respect and security. This is why the term “blinded by love” is so often referenced. If we taught ourselves that love needs to be balanced with practicality and rationality , the repercussions of love can be largely avoided. However it is important to learn that love needs to be cultivated and not completely selfless is we are talking sustainability of a relationship.


Love  is often used a s a manipulative tool

Abusers tend to use love as an excuse to do the out of line things they do, this includes controlling and emotionally abusive behavior. Often those who want to control situations use love as a disguise  to control those around them. Things needs to be noticed and managed according to the situation, real love does not involve intentional manipulation.


So in summary love is complex and often misunderstood and used as a disguise , but there is no denying it is important to the human experience in practically every form of life. So cultivate love whatever it means to you in your life. And ensure it is intentional and used as a tool for growth rather than exploitation and manipulation. For the purest love is a love that has no expectations for completely selfish reasons. Love can only grow when both sides have the best intentions.

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