A Psychological Revolution

The recent events in Sri Lanka, have called into question our very identity as a nation.  How have we as a country managed to allow ourselves to hit the rock bottom level of despair? It is important to note that where we are now as a nation is dangerously precarious. Both psychologically and economically. What can we do? how do we deal?  Here are some suggestions.


  1. Identify what you can control
  2. Make a plan
  3. Create boundaries
  4. Focus your attention on what helps you grow 

The point is to know where you as an individual stand in terms of the current state of affairs. No matter how powerless one feels. There is no limit to how well we can cope if we just focus on the above four aspects. I find that time and time again, people have what it takes to overcome most challenges if not all. What stands in their way is often their perception. Start with at least one of the above four. Work on them from time to time like a pet project. Observe changes, challenges, and improvements. Take account of your overall state of mind and overall health. Start on one of these four and some momentum should suffice.



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