Do we really need a purpose? Points to Ponder

The WOKE generation is trending a lot of things these days, avocados, yoga, electric cars etc., something that is constant is also the idea of purpose.  A few generations ago, purpose was stringently tied to survival. You worked to take care of yourself and your family, and if you felt like you had a duty to do what you do you were lucky. Nowadays the concept of purpose has transitioned into the mainstream. EVERYONE is supposed to find their purpose. Although its great to do some self work on finding what you like to do with your life whilst making a living out of it, I would challenge you the reader, to consider the following which may offer you a sense of mental clarity and at the same time may take the pressure off a tad bit.

  1. What if nothing has a purpose? Nihilism is the school of thought that argues the point that all life has no meaning, its all constructed by humans to make sense of their fleeting mortality. The great thing about this idea is it makes you realize that if you have a purpose its great and all but if you have not, that is totally fine too. The point of life is to LIVE it. Not to live it a certain way due to society’s trending ideal.
  2. Your purpose may change. Change is inevitable we are told. What you like today you might not like tomorrow. Novelty is something we all seek. This is why today you might be a practicing lawyer and tomorrow you might be baking cakes for a living. There is no wrong and right as long as it is giving you joy and paying the bills. NOTE: IT HAS TO PAY THE BILLS.
  3. Purpose can be something simple yet important. Parenting is a job, it can also be a purpose. You don’t have to be saving whales or curing cancer to be contributing to society and have meaning in your life.
  4. Purpose is also overrated. Seriously, everything is overrated.  Trust me. All that is right now,  will end someday and it won’t matter to most people. This is why impermanence needs to be  highlighted within our present consciousness. So even purpose is essentially meaningless. However, thriving towards a end goal which gives you enjoyment within the process and teaches you things is worth doing nonetheless.
  5. If you really seek a purpose, start exploring. Nothing can manifest unless action is taken. If you really feel as though a driving passion needs to find you, start getting to know what you like and what you want to do. What you are good at is also important. Research issues in the world you think you would be good at solving and curious to learn more about. Exploration needs to be cultivated if a purpose no matter how bogus, or out there it may be, can only happen through exploration.

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