How Minimalism can improve  your life


The Minimalism Lifestyle  is a trendy concept these days taking over the Western world by storm. This is likely a movement that sprung from the depths of materialistic addiction which has been largely the norm for the  greater part of human history. Minimalism is defined as the lifestyle where you live with less but focus on what matters to you the most in life, a sort of “decluttering” of the mind as well as your physical environment. Psychologically this has interesting implications for the individual.

1.Minimalism helps you prioritize

The greatest part of  of minimalism for me is that the focus is on what matters most to you as the individual on a personal level, not necessarily about  cutting  back on everything materialistic. This is a misconception many have about minimalism. Rather than “not spending at all” its about spending on what matters, whether it is time, money, or people or possessions.

2. Minimalism  helps you declutter

Your environment has a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. The more clothes and stuff you have the less breathing space, the less peace and less ability you have to focus.  getting rid of the excess helps the mind as well as your space which creates an atmosphere of calm and positivity.

3, Minimalism helps financial wellness

Since minimalists stress the “less is more” aspect, obviously money is bound to be saved. the whole idea is that you only invest in what matters most to you on a deeper level. Everything else is just unnecessary costs. As a result all you have in your possession is what you truly want and need to live the best version of your life there is. For example if you love to travel, that is what you spend your money on, rather than a jumpsuit you will wear just once, or a pair of shoes which you purchase every month or so. 

 4. Minimalism makes sure quality is above quantity

Instead of having a bunch of crap that you don’t use, instead surround yourself with what truly matters in your life. This means cleaning out your closet and keeping your most favorite items as well as eradicating unnecessary  practices that decrease your carbon foot print and boost your focus on values such as social relationships, personal wellness and purpose.

5. Minimalism helps you work on yourself more 

Because you are not preoccupied  with buying the latest iPhone or a luxury car, the time you have to focus on your own self improvement and awareness is greater. Nurturing yourself is much easier when your focus is not to make more money every year because you realize that material possessions are never going to satisfy you in the long haul. 

Minimalism might sound like a crazy movement that some “hippie” in the 60s invented when bored with their privileged life, however it has a great many pointers to practice in our own day to day lives, especially in a world where there is an overload of  “stuff” in every form. Minimalism can help you get that much closer to serenity in a chaotic world. 


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Author: Shanelle De Almeida , Licensed Clinical Psychologist , Cognitive Behavioral  Therapist 

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