Losing our Mind in a digital world: A guide to balance the madness

Life is always throwing us curve balls, from the day we are born we are taught to worry about problems and prove ourselves successful (whatever that means) and as a species we have been innovating since the beginning of human kind to make our lives seem… well, better…

I am a firm believer in the benefits and convenience of digital devices, I can instantly edit my articles, create a survey, order food from my favorite restaurant and check my bank accounts online any place any time. However, despite all these wonderful benefits, at times I struggle in filtering information out and coping with the constant stimulation provided by the countless notifications I get on social media and my phone. As the case is with all things in this world human beings are masters at over using and getting carried away. It’s the same with food, drugs, alcohol., political opinions and wedding ceremonies.  People spend money they don’t have, try to do things more than tine permits all in the name of convention and sometimes greed, our children seem to be usually on the phone, perhaps connecting to a friend online but not necessarily connecting in real life.  Now everything is becoming digitalized although technological innovation is a must for adaptation there is a downside  to all this progress and  just like that pizza, and that toxic family member we need to take a time out and cleanse, the research against the dangers of social media and digital life has on mental health is mounting, here are some ways to balance the struggle whilst still keeping that insta account active.


  1. Conduct a digital needs assessment

Understands what your needs as a user are, do you want to sell your book online, do you want to be an international food blogger? Or are you more interested in keeping track of your fitness, notes and managing your budget? Delete those apps and functions which don’t apply to you need as a user and only have those who serve you effectively.

  1. Create a Functional Digital check list

Are you a stressed-out banker or a house wife, knowing who you are an individual will help you distract yourself, then look at where digital technology can help you rather than mindlessly scrolling through you feed like a zombie.

  1. Have a digital spring cleaning

Delete apps that are unnecessary and which you do not use, delete photos, videos you don’t want, and have you home page having the ones you use the most.

  1. Turn off push notifications

Do you REALLY need to know who has liked you photo every second?

  1. Schedule a Keep your phone at home day

Have a day of the week where you don’t take your phone with you or switch it off and leave in your pocket or bag and schedule a date night with your beau or organize a spa day with mom without the digital distraction, trust me you will be OK.

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