If you work for someone else find the right boss not necessarily the right job…

How important is happiness at work for you? for millennials the answer is simple, there is no way we will work unless we love what we are doing, or at the very least ‘like” it, however it’s much easier said than done. You go get educated, get a bunch of internships and expect a dream job to land I on you, I mean after all you worked for it, alas that is rarely how it works, competition is at an all-time high, everyone is an expert at everything now that the internet spews out free information and yet very few of us feel like we are doing something meaningful. According to studies in the US … Usually if you like who you are working for, this makes it much easier to at least feel like coming to work and being creative.  A recent study suggests that people work hard so the life of an entrepreneur is not necessarily for everyone however even for a short time getting the right boss, can be extremely beneficial. Having  the right boss means you get to work on the here are some tips on how to increase your chances at getting the right employer.

  1. Identify some hobbies that you like, or even a cause that you are interested in
  2. Look for fields that coincide with your hobby/cause
  3. Network with people that have connections in these areas
  4. Do some digging on who your prospective employer may be
  5. Go for the interview
  6. At the interview gauge if the employer’s demeanor, values and body language display the following traits: positivity, confidence, compassionate and a smile too doesn’t hurt.

Of course, they could be showing you their best self at the interview, however it is hard to fake personality at an interview completely as  there is always some subtle hints on what their overall impression is of you and they need to let you know what they stand for in order to fill in the job role they are recruiting you for. Also, if in the interview they do not ask you questions such as what do you like doing and more personal open-ended questions you probably won’t get the job or they really are not that interested in who you are as a person, which is not a person you probably want to work for in the first place.  Some of the benefits of having a great boss would mean they she or he will introduce you to a much larger network, give you autonomy, and will be interested in your emotional health whilst maintain confidentiality and respecting your privacy.

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