Why Enemies are Important for Self Growth




The saying “ keep your friends  close but your enemies closer” is somewhat true. We are taught at an early age the importance of keeping positive people in and negative people out of or lives. However just imagine a world where everyone you know is wonderful and supportive, as utopian as it may sound, it might not be what is necessarily good for you. Here are some things enemies or “haters” can teach you.


1. That you cannot please everyone

You cannot be everyone ‘s cup of tea,  coffee  cocktail or anything else, its just not possible, the sooner you accept this the better it is for you and your mental health. The very thing that makes you unique might set some people off regardless of how nice and positive  your intentions are, this is not a cause for concern but a session that you don’t have to be loved by all. As the saying goes “its better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not”.

2. That you affect people enough to make them uncomfortable

If you are doing anything right in life chances are you will make someone upset. Gandhi upset the British colonists, mother Theresa upset the evangelicals and Martin Luther King probably upset the Neo-Nazies. So you see you cannot even be the good guy and have everyone like you. Things could be worse, you could be doing nothing right and making everyone around you miserable and this is just not the way to go. 

3. Without people that challenge you, you will not know how to appreciate the people who do not.

People who are your enemies are the once that make it possible for you to know that you may not always be right. and that thee is room for improvement and another perspective.  

4. People who don’t like you are great at letting you know what you are doing right.

Our enemies provide great insight to what we are doing right, because their criticism proves that our passions are valid, no one gets upset unless it means something to them. So if someone despises you for what you do, believe or represent,  it is an indication you are living your life the way you want to in the present moment. Furthermore those who don’t like you represent the opposing view of something that can help fuel your passion even more as it provides a yardstick on what is creating impact. Emotions that are evoked, either positive or negative stem from something that make a significant impression.

So lets thank all our haters, because we owe them so much for our success.

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